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14675 Highway 194, Oakland, TN, 38060 

Volunteer Team

As Oakland's Only hometown independent pharmacy, our staff has been supporting our community for years. We are dedicated to making things BETTER. Visit with us and see how we can help.


Supporting your hometown pharmacy not only helps you, it helps everyone. That's because a part of our earnings are returned to our community to support events and programs that make our hometown even BETTER !

BETTERpharmacy has a state of the art electronic system that helps our team screen for drug-drug interactions and more. There's no other system like it in our area.

We use multiple check points to provide the safest process possible.

Pharmacy Counter
Buying Medication

Our hometown team is enthusiastic about treating you BETTER.  That's partly because we've experienced bad service ourselves and we want to make it BETTER and it's at no extra charge!

BETTERx is dedicated to helping you get better. Our people have decades of experience taking care of people and their families.


Healthcare is already too complex.  We can help with the Pharmacy part.

Our exclusive BETTERCARE™ process takes steps to ensure you receive the care that's right for you.

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