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With product licensing through the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research program, this U.S. grown and manufactured CBD can be sold in all 50 states.

Every single product is third party lab tested, shows that there is Zero-THC, no heavy metals, pesticides or solvents in any of these products.

In taking a drug test, the person being tested has the right to know what they are being tested for, and can ask if they are being tested for all Cannabinoids or just THC, and then ask that they only test for THC.  (This assumes the person does not consume any products with THC)

The manufacturer of this product guarantees it to be free of THC.


This narrows down what a person is being testing for so that they won't get tested for cannabinoids, which are legal and which CBD is.

* This information, although factual, doesn't constitute official legal or personnel advice for your specific situation *

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