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How Your Prescription Information is Sold

Other Pharmacies

You fill your prescription

The Pharmacy sells your information

Data collection companies buy your information out of the pharmacy software

Your Prescription Data is Sold AGAIN

The data collection companies organize  the prescription information into reports that are re-sold to others

Technology Slices and Dices Your Information

People who buy these reports then 'analyze' them in many different ways. They can often tell which doctor wrote the prescription and which drug sales person gets commission for the sale.


Does NOT Sell YOUR Prescription Information

Rx Filled @ BETTERx

That's it. Your information is NOT SOLD.

In the computer age, privacy is harder to protect. So BETTERx has taken special steps to offer you more privacy. Here are a few:

- BETTERx does not use public or cloud based servers

- Our Smartphone app does not track you

  (When you request a refill with our smartphone app, the information routes to      our private system, not a shared or public one) 

- BETTERx does not have thousands of employees that can see at your records

- Paper records and other notes with your personal information are micro shredded on site (not sent out), prior to disposal

If you have more questions about privacy, come see us. We're happy to answer.
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