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dog running with toy

Why Dogs Live Longer -

And what we can Learn

These days dogs live longer than ever, with life spans often exceeding the typical expectation

for the breed. Why is that?


Well, for the longest lived ones, a few simple things done by responsible owners are probably contributing greatly:


  1. They give their dogs clean water to drink.

  2. Their dogs are active. In other words, the owners play with and allow their dogs to enjoy some kind of activity that's appropriate for the breed.

  3. This is fun for the dog and reduces stress. Dogs are almost incapable of worry and the only stress they have is what we add.

  4. They give their dog preventive care like a balanced diet (usually built in to the dog food), checkups, and vaccines.


You know what? This works for people as well:


  1. Drink lots of clean water. No matter what else you drink from time to time, water should be your go-to choice as often as possible

  2. Activity of any kind is better than being a couch potato all the time. Find something you like that involves whole body movement. Playing with your dog can often be a whole body exercise and can reduce stress for both of you.

  3. Stress causes all kinds of not-so-good physical and mental changes. Being active and having fun with what you are doing will reduce stress. Try to avoid worrying about things.

  4. Get vaccinated, see your doctor as needed (preferably regularly), and eat a decent diet.


For humans, a decent diet can mean different things. You'll see all kinds of diets promoted that have something to do with "carbs", "protein","low fat", etc., etc. as the list is almost endless. However, one common thing that decent diets avoid is a lot of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.


Cutting out all types of sugars from a diet is nearly impossible, and doing it cold turkey is extremely difficult. That's why folks focus on processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Just a few simple examples are Sugar/Sweeteners added to or contained in:


Tea, coffee, soda

Bakery items

"Sweet" cereals


Reducing processed sugar is a good move for your health. To get started, reduce it a little at a time. That allows your taste buds and body to adjust. Once you are accustomed to the new taste, you can adjust again.


You'll start to feel better soon, and your body will thank you.

Nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or is a substitute for professional advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other medical professional if you have questions or concerns about a medical condition.

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